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How to Choose a New Dentist

Are you new to the area or looking for a new dentist for you and your family? It can be a bit overwhelming when it comes time to find someone that you can trust will be gentle, attentive, and affordable all at the same time. Dental care requires routine maintenance, so skipping trips to the dentist isn’t a great idea. Here are some great tricks for finding the right new dentist for you: 

Ask Your Friends, Co-workers, and Neighbors

Word of mouth is the absolute best way to find a trusted dental provider. Most people are very honest when it comes to their dental experiences, so finding a dentist that several people recommend can be a great indicator as to what type of practice that they run. 

Check Online

Review websites like Yelp! are great resources when it comes to finding new restaurants…so why not a dentist? Using popular search engines is an excellent way to read through a large number of reviews when you’re considering one dentist over another. Just keep in mind that people with bad experiences are much more likely to voice their opinion than those who did not…so take everything with a grain of salt! You might also find the practice’s Facebook webpage to see how many people have “checked-in” or reviewed the business. 

Call the Office

What does the office sound like when you call? Is the receptionist friendly and attentive, or do they seem distracted and too busy to talk? Although the front desk isn’t who sees you once you’re in the dental chair, they’re a great reflection when it comes to the overall mood of the dental office.

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