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How to Choose the Right Kind of Dental Floss

Flossing is absolutely vital to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, so it’s important that your floss does a good job. Take a look at some of the variations of classic floss that you have to choose from.


Tape-style floss is flat and stretchy. You could describe it as an elastic ribbon. Tape usually has a waxy texture and thin profile. This makes it great for people who have teeth that are so tight that flossing is difficult.

Floss Threader

Slim and flexible “needles” with large eyes, threaders allow you to string regular floss through them. You can then guide the tip of the needle under bridges, retainers, and wires to pull the floss under such fixed appliances.

Tufted Floss

Tufted floss comes in pre-measured lengths. One end is plastic-coated to act like the needle of a floss threader. The rest has a fluffy tuft of fibrous material. This soft portion is gentle and absorbent. It’s great for cleaning under bridges or around teeth that don’t have any neighbors.

Floss Pick

Floss picks are great if you’re on-the-go! Keep these handy in your purse, car, or work desk to clean up your smile right after meals. A disposable plastic pick can be used at one end like a toothpick, and at the other as a tangle-free flosser.

Flosser with Handle

A U-shaped frame supporting a length of floss is attached to the end of what looks like a toothbrush handle. This tool makes it easier to floss teeth in hard-to-reach areas.

Talk with your local dentist or hygienist for recommendations on which kind of floss is best for you and where to find it.

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