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Is it Possible to Rebuild an Entire Smile?

Losing all (or most of) your teeth to decay and disease can be extremely overwhelming. Not only does it impact your comfort and appearance – but it also changes the way you feel about yourself. The confidence that a beautiful, healthy smile give is irreplaceable. Is it possible to build it up again in a way that restores both confidence as well as function? Yes!

Full mouth rehabilitation is a process that is specifically formulated to the individual needs and goals of each patient. It involves a combination of various types of restorative options, considering the timeframe and budget that the patient has in mind.

For instance, your dentist may recommend removing any remaining teeth and replacing everything with a set of implant-retained dentures. In many cases, only 4 or 6 implants are necessary to support a full arch denture. If implants aren’t an option, then a removable prosthesis might be preferred.

If you still have several structurally sound teeth, your dentist can use them as anchors to support other ones. As an example, it may be an option top place multiple bridges throughout the mouth, replacing missing teeth and restoring the teeth that are left. Individual porcelain crowns can cover independent, weak teeth that can’t withstand normal use anymore.

Creating a treatment plan for full mouth rehabilitation involves phases of treatment. Pace yourself appropriately. Do you want an instant, fast change – or do you prefer to work more slowly and tackle one thing at a time? Whatever your needs are, your dentist will adjust your rehabilitation treatment accordingly.

It’s never too late to enjoy a brand new smile!

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