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Isolite: What is It?

Isolite is on the cutting-edge of dentistry and yet serves the most basic of functions. Isolite is a small mouthpiece that attaches onto the suction hose of the dental unit and improves the treatment experience for both you and your dentist. How so?

The Isolite Design

The Isolite is a flexible, disposable, clear, and hypoallergenic mouthpiece attached to the strong suction hose with an LED light. The entire device is intended to isolate whichever area of the mouth your dentist needs to work on. The comfortable plastic mouthpiece might take a little getting used to, but it will protect your mouth in the area being worked on. The body of the device is specially designed to keep the working field dry and well-lit.

Why Your Dentist Loves the Isolite

This isolation device is great for the dentist because it frees up his or her hands to work. The bright light provides the best visibility possible. This makes the doctor’s job a whole lot easier! Dentistry can be quite fatiguing, at times, so a gadget like the Isolite takes a lot of strain off the care provider. This also means that working time will be much quicker, since the dentist can focus on the task at hand rather than chasing after saliva with a suction hose!

The Benefits to You

The Isolite keeps you safe by protecting your mouth from debris, dental tools, and dental materials that fly around during a procedure. The mouthpiece has a built-in bite-block. This means that you can relax your jaw and rest easily during the procedure. Besides all this, the quicker a quality job is done, the happier you will be!

Ask your dentist for more information on how Isolite technology can improve your dental experiences.

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