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Lunch Ideas That Are Great For Smiles

Packing a lunch can save you several bucks a day, and makes it easier for you to be sure that you’re eating healthy options. As parents get ready to send their children back off to school, most of them are also considering ways to make a fun lunch that is also part of a balanced diet. Whether or not you’re packing a lunch for your child, or yourself, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to keep your smile healthier as well.

Opt to drink tap water with your meal. This is an excellent calorie saver, a natural tooth cleanser, and the fluoride inside of the water will keep teeth strong. Other options will just add to plaque buildup, and if you’re away all day you won’t be able to brush between meals.

Always add crisp, fresh produce to your lunches. Fruits and vegetables are healthiest when they’re fresh and uncooked. The fibrous texture cleanses the teeth as you chew, and also massages the gum tissue for optimum blood flow. Vegetables are also very low in calorie counts, so you can eat more of them without the guilt of feeling like it’s bad for your teeth or your health.

Remember your dairy! Eating sliced or cubed cheese can help you feel fuller, get necessary calcium, and even neutralize the pH inside of your mouth. Studies suggest that eating cheese during a meal will reduce the acidic levels inside of the mouth, preventing enamel from being eroded or an increased risk of tooth decay.

Keep it fun! Compartmentalized lunchboxes and colorful food are an easy way to spruce up your meal and make it more enjoyable for your child (or for you!)

Posted on behalf of Dr. Michael Juban, Juban Dental Care


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