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Maximize Your Dental Insurance Benefits

If your dental insurance runs on a calendar year, then all of your benefits reset as of January 1st on an annual basis.

This is both good and bad news. Bad because this means you lose benefits that you’ve paid for over the course of the past year if you haven’t even used them. But it’s also good because you still have time to take advantage of the coverage you’re entitled to!

To save the most money on dental treatment, use up as much of your coverage each year before time runs out and benefits reset.

Why Use Up Your Benefits Now?

With only a month left in this year and the same benefits to come next year, it may seem like there’s no need to hurry.

But maximizing your remaining benefits now is a good idea because:

  • Dental costs and insurance fees may go up next year
  • You’ve probably already met your deductible this year (if you have one)
  • You’ll be saving money on treatment you need right now
  • Your dental issues could get worse next year and require more costly treatment

What to Use Your Benefits On

Has it been six months or more since your last dental cleaning? Then it’s most likely covered 100% by your insurance. Treat yourself to a professional smile polishing right before that holiday party! You’ve practically already paid for it, anyways.

Split major treatment such as dental implants half now, half later. Get work done this month to use up your benefits. Your dentist will help you plan the remainder for early next year when your benefits reset and you have more to draw from, minimizing your out of pocket costs.

Talk with your local dental office for more tips on getting the most of your dental insurance benefits.

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