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Why You Might Need an “FMR”

FMR stands for full mouth restoration, reconstruction, or even rehabilitation, depending on who you ask. Whatever you call it, FMR treatment has one ultimate goal: getting your mouth back to functioning in a healthy manner.

Here are some situations in which you may need to have FMR.

Cancer and Trauma

Oral cancer comes in many forms and can necessitate removal of a portion of the jaw. To restore your smile, you may need implants, bone and gum grafts, or dental prosthetics. The same is true if you experience a serious injury.

Years of Dental Neglect

There are many reasons people neglect their smile: fear of dentists, substance abuse, lack of funds. Even some eating disorders can wreck teeth in a matter of months. If your teeth haven’t been seen by a dentist in ten years or more, there’s a chance you’ll have quite a bit of work to restore them.

Severe Periodontal Disease

When gum disease ravages a smile, it leaves behind deformed bone, bad breath, receding gums, and missing teeth. You may need a lot of periodontal therapy to rebuild your smile after a bout with chronic periodontal disease.

Developmental Defect

Some people are so unfortunate as to never have known a comfortable smile. A bite discrepancy could make it difficult for children to speak and eat properly and can also affect tooth alignment. If you were born with a “bad bite,” then you may be a candidate for restoration that includes jaw alignment surgery.

Teeth Grinding Habit (Bruxism)

Severe teeth grinding can result in: lost enamel, fractured and loose teeth, and severe gum recession.

Ask your dentist about an FMR if you’ve experienced any of these situations.

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