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Save the Environment and Enhance Your Smile with These Green Oral Hygiene Tips

Looking for some eco-friendly dental hygiene tips? The following will help you get started.

Use Biodegradable Toothbrushes

There are several varieties of “natural” toothbrushes out there with handles made from materials like bamboo. This means that you’re throwing away less plastic every time you toss your old toothbrush (most bristles are still made with some kind of nylon).

Natural fibers like silk floss may also be an option since it breaks down quicker than the regular nylon varieties.

Get a Reusable Straw

Straws are great for preventing decay and tooth stain. They allow you to enjoy sweet coffee, tea, and soda without washing your teeth in the beverage.

But plastic straws have been so widely used that they are starting to pose a threat to the environment.

Carry around your own supply of biodegradable straws (often made from straw, bamboo, or paper) or purchase a reusable steel or glass one.

Shut Off the Water When You Brush

Shutting off the water obviously saves on a valuable resource.

What are the benefits to your smile, though?

In reality, you don’t need much water when you’re done brushing, anyway. The toothpaste residue in your mouth should be left behind to keep fighting plaque long after you brush. Spit out any excess and leave the rest in place.

Shop Recyclable Packaging

Eco-friendly dental product suppliers will make sure that their products come in biodegradable packing. It may take a little research to find a toothpaste or mouthwash you love, but it’s worth your contribution to the environment.

Don’t forget those regular dental checkups! If you stay on top of your oral health, you can avoid the need for costly treatment. Talk with your dentist about more ways to prevent dental disease and stay green.

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