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The Best Option to Rebuild Your Smile

If your mouth has been permanently altered by an accident or disease, then you’ll need to do some reconstruction.

Specifically, a full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation.

Full mouth reconstruction/rehabilitation (FMR) means different things for different people. An FMR is simply a project with the goal of restoring natural function to your bite.

How do you know what treatment you need?

The End Result of an FMR

As mentioned above, your FMR will help you enjoy a more comfortable bite. This affects the way you smile and the food choices you make. Unlike cosmetic dental treatment, an FMR doesn’t focus on tooth appearance as much as it focuses on tooth function.

You need an FMR when there’s an issue that impairs the natural movement of your jaw. An FMR will reconstruct your jaw after a surgery or accident. It’s also a procedure that replaces missing teeth and corrects gum problems.

With a full mouth restoration, you’ll get back to living the life you love free of the worries that come with missing teeth.

Reaching Your FMR Goal

So what options are available for rebuilding your smile?

A full mouth restoration can include repair and replacement options such as:

  • Dental crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Partial or full dentures
  • Bridges
  • Jaw surgery
  • Gum grafting

Typically, you’ll need the help of more than one of these options in order to reach your goal.

By working with your dentist, you can decide well in advance which treatment you’ll accept. There is actually no single right answer that works best. You might need to have a few procedures done to achieve your goal smile. Talk with your dentist to begin planning!

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