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The New Look of Dental Care

If you are like most people, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect at a traditional dentists office:  a mildly pleasant waiting room with lots of magazines, maybe a few plants, and some innocuous artwork.  In the back, the treatment areas are clean, but businesslike.

In recent years, the trend in decorating dental offices has been toward making the waiting area and work areas as soothing and inviting as possible.  There is good science behind this trend – millions of Americans suffer from some level of dental anxiety and the more pleasant their experience at the dentist’s office is, the more likely they will be to return for needed dental care.

In addition, dental anxiety tends to build as a patient waits to be seen.  A soothing environment from the moment they enter the office helps minimize dental anxiety and makes the procedure go more smoothly.

Some dental offices are taking this concept to the next level by providing an atmosphere that is almost like going to the spa instead of going to the dentist.  The range of amenities that can be offered at the dentist’s office is almost unlimited.  They include fresh juices, cookies, warm blankets, high definition TV’s, and wifi.  Noise cancelling headphones are a nice touch – they minimize the traditional noises associated with dentistry such as the whine of the drill.  Soothing music and pleasant aromas help make the experience more pleasant.

For a different dental experience, try a dental practice with a spa like atmosphere.  Who knows, you may find that you even enjoy going to the dentist!

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