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Three Habits that are Hard on Teeth

Want to know what your everyday habit could be doing to your smile? Some habits you might already know about while others are the furthest thing from your mind. Here are 3 everyday habits that could be destroying your teeth:  


Smoking and smokeless tobacco create changes to the tissues in your mouth, which in turn put you at risk of losing your teeth. Gum tissues begin experiencing cellular changes caused by the smoke and tobacco products that in turn prevents adequate blood flow to the teeth. As a result, gums begin to recede and detach from the teeth. 

Chewing Ice

Having the craving to chew ice could be a symptom of anemia, but it’s a bad habit that is hard to break. If you have restorations like fillings or crowns, chewing ice can cause irreversible damage. The cold temperatures cause materials to expand and contract, making them break apart from your tooth even sooner. Chewing on the hard material can also cause porcelain to break away from crowns, leaving you with aesthetic problems to consider. 

Sipping on an Afternoon Beverage

A lot of us like to have our favorite drink at our desk to sip on through the afternoon. It may be diet soda, flavored coffee, or even sipping on a sports drink when you’re at the gym. These liquids contain natural and artificial sweeteners that cause decay. If we sip on them for an hour or more, that’s a lot of acid exposure to our teeth. In fact, it will cause more tooth decay by drinking it over a longer period of time than it will if you were to drink it all at once during a meal. For healthier teeth, drink water between meals. Water hydrates and cleans your mouth as you drink it.

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