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Three Resolutions to Keep Your Smile Healthy

Keeping healthy is one of the biggest goals for most people when it comes to challenges for the New Year. While most of these resolutions are focused on eating better, exercising, or even losing weight, there might be an easier resolution that gives you just as good results and is fairly easy to stick with: having a healthier smile.

A healthier smile starts with attention to your gum tissue. Your gums are the foundation to healthy teeth, because they are what keep everything in place. Gum disease and gum recession lead to bone and tooth loss, so keeping gums healthy is essential. How do you do this? By focusing on the gumlines when you brush and floss. If the gums bleed when you brush and floss, it means that you have some form of gingivitis. Symptoms can take at least 2 weeks to reverse themselves. If bleeding and swelling persists longer than two weeks of daily flossing and gum brushing, it’s time to see your dentist.

Second, watch what you drink. Try to drink plenty of tap water between meals. Tap water contains fluoride, which strengthens teeth; it also cleans your teeth of loose biofilm and acids. Drinking sweetened (even artificially) drinks like coffee, tea, diet soda or sports drinks between meals each day will lead to an increase in tooth decay. They also add calories to your diet!

Last of all, have your dentist examine your teeth at least twice a year and take bitewing x-rays at least once each year. Doing so will allow you to pinpoint areas of concern when they are smaller, less invasive, and more affordable to fix! It’s never too late to start. Schedule your dental checkup today and pick up a pack of floss!

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