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Three Symptoms of Abscessed Teeth

What’s wrong with your tooth? Do you have a cavity? An abscess? Although some abscessed teeth will never exhibit any symptoms, most of us will have some signs that pop up if we find ourselves suffering from one. Here are three symptoms to be on the lookout for if you suspect that your tooth is abscessed.

Sensitivity to Heat

A hypersensitive nerve that reacts to heat or warm items indicates that there is a nerve infection. Heat sensitivity is usually not related to any other types of dental conditions other than infected nerve tissues. 

Pain or Discomfort Associated with Pressure

Chewing forces that cause discomfort may be an indication that there is swelling near the tip of the root. This condition is also sometimes seen in periodontal disease, so an exam and x-ray will be needed to check. 

Visible Swelling Along the Gum Tissue

A pimple or abscess along the gum tissue may come and go frequently. Or, swelling may be larger and take up space along 2 or 3 teeth instead of 2-3mm. Even if the swelling goes away, you need to have it looked at. Swelling in these areas only occurs if infection has extended through the entire length of the tooth and into the bone surrounding it.

Pain, of course, is also an indication that something is wrong. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to call your dentist. Untreated dental abscesses can, in some cases, result in emergency medical complications. Your dentist will help you medicate as needed and treat the tooth so that you can retain it for several more years.

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