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Throw Out Your Floss

What would you say if your dentist told you that you never had to floss your teeth again? Really! All your life you’ve heard how important it is to floss at least once a day to clean between your teeth. It’s still important to clean between every day, but now there’s another option to reach those areas inaccessible to your toothbrush: a water flosser.

Reach What Floss Can’t

Flossing only reaches so far under your gumlines. Add curves and dips in your tooth surfaces, and floss isn’t a match at all. Using a water flosser to trace around the gums and aim between the teeth will rinse bacteria out of these areas with no problem. In fact, water flossing can clean as deep as 7mm in patients with gum disease! 

More Comfortable Options

One of the biggest reasons people don’t like to floss is because flossing is uncomfortable and makes their gums bleed – Especially if they have gingivitis or gum disease. Water flossing doesn’t! In fact, water flossing is so comfortable that you can clean those tender areas quite easily without any irritation or sensitivity. Depending on your model of water flosser, you should be able to choose the temperature and pressure of your choosing. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Water flossing can seem a little messy at first. With practice, you won’t have any problems though. Some models are available online and have settings so that you can hook them up inside of your shower for a mess-free experience.

Many people find that their tooth and gum health greatly improves when they switch to a water flosser. It’s ease of use and convenience is just a couple of great reasons why water flossing may be the best option for you.

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