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Use Your Insurance Benefits Before They Expire

Toward the end of the year, many people rush to use up their remaining dental insurance plan benefits. Why? Because those benefits expire once January 1st rolls around. When we enter into a new calendar year, there are new deductibles to be met all over again.

If you do need treatment, such as a filling or a crown, you want to be sure to plan ahead. Waiting until December to schedule dental treatment may mean that there are no more appointments left! Many people wait until the end of the year to schedule their treatment, which makes appointments fill up quickly.

The best way to make sure you use your insurance coverage without it going to waste, is to schedule treatment sooner. That way you don’t risk not being able to work fewer appointment choices into your schedule.

Not only that, but avoiding dental treatment also allows conditions to worsen. What needs a filling right now might turn into a tooth that needs a crown a few months down the road. Or even a root canal. The sooner you have teeth repaired, the smaller that restoration needs to be.

If you’re putting treatment off because of finances – don’t worry. Plenty of people do, especially if the dental treatment is unexpected. Ask your dentist about financing options that are available to help you bridge the gap between insurance and out of pocket expenses.

Don’t wait until the holidays are here to schedule your oral care visits. Call your dentist today to get prime scheduling options before everyone else tries to do the same thing! You won’t regret it.

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