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What Causes Flat, Worn Teeth?

Look in the mirror. What does your smile look like? Are your teeth naturally smooth or rounded, or are they starting to appear flat, worn, and shorter than normal? If it’s the latter, you need to know what causes teeth to do this so you can prevent it from getting worse.

Grinding and Bruxism

Stress and subconscious habits that cause grinding and clenching will make teeth work harder than they ought to. Even though enamel is very strong, excessive biting and grinding will make them wear each other down. Not only does this hurt your teeth, it also creates problems like TMJ disorders, headaches, and damaged restorations. 

Irregular Biting Patterns

Improperly aligned teeth will wear down at a much quicker rate than teeth that bite together correctly. You might notice this if the front teeth bite end-to-end against one another. The result is flat, short front teeth. Investing in orthodontic therapy can help you avoid and prevent this from happening before it even starts. 

Weak or Decayed Teeth

Teeth that have cavities, broken enamel, or failing restorations will wear down quicker than healthy teeth. Even small areas of compromised enamel can easily chip away or fracture during normal use. If you’ve broken a piece of tooth off during a meal, it’s nothing to overlook. Have your dentist check it right away!

If allowed to advance, flattened teeth can interfere with your natural biting habits. This in turn creates strain to the TMJ and can even destroy the existing restorations in your mouth. Watch for worn teeth early on. The sooner you have your dentist correct the cause, the healthier your smile will be for years to come.

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