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Why Antibiotics Aren’t Enough for an Abscessed Tooth

If you’ve had a tooth infection or dental abscess, you’ve probably asked your dentist if you can just treat it with antibiotics. Although your dentist may recommend antibiotics to clear up the initial infection, this is not an effective method for eliminating the condition or preventing it from returning. Instead, it is used prior to restorative options and to alleviate discomfort.

All abscessed teeth have some type of infection inside of the root canal chamber. That means infected nerve tissue is being exposed to bacteria from some external source, such as a cavity or crack in the tooth. After the initial infection is cleared up with an antibiotic, that nerve tissue needs to be removed and the canal must be sealed off. This prevents reinfection, bone damage and loss of the tooth.

Maybe you’ve already realized what’s coming next. If you guessed a root canal, you’re right! Root canal therapy is the process of removing the damaged nerve tissues, medicating the inner chamber of the tooth, filling the canal and then sealing it off to prevent reinfection. The process is almost like having a filling, but a bit more tedious. After the tooth is crowned, a crown will be placed over it to prevent the enamel from fracturing.

If you’ve experienced off and on swelling or a “pimple” that pops up on your gum tissue, then chances are that you have an abscessed tooth. Don’t wait until it means a trip to the hospital or losing your tooth completely before you seek out care. Schedule an exam and x-ray with your dentist to see what’s really going on with your mouth.

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