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Why You Need to Restore That Fractured Tooth

For many folks, a chipped tooth just doesn’t bother them enough to worry about repairing it. It’s not sensitive, it doesn’t hurt, and they eventually even forget that it’s there.

It might seem like a fractured tooth isn’t such a big deal if it’s not uncomfortable. However, even a seemingly harmless broken tooth shouldn’t be ignored.

Here’s why:

A Little Fracture Goes a Long Way

For one thing, it’s important to realize that a small break or crack is still a breach of a tooth’s natural defense system. Over time, that fracture will continue to enlarge with the pressure of biting down. Ladies, think of it like a run in a pair of stockings.

Damage to Other Structures

Although you may feel that a fractured tooth isn’t bothering you, it could be causing more problems than you realize. The rough edges on a broken tooth can cause some serious injuries and irritation to the soft tissue of structures such as lips and tongue.

How Are You Eating?

Is an uneven tooth causing a hiccup in the works? If you have a tooth that gets in the way of comfortable chewing, then it’s going to be more likely than other teeth to collect bacteria.

What You Can Do

It’s a good idea to talk with your dentist about the possibility of crowning your tooth. A dental crown reinforces a tooth that has lost most of its enamel support. The crown will help your tooth bear the pressure of chewing and protect it from further damage.

Call your dentist today to schedule an evaluation to see if a dental crown is necessary.

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