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3 Ways to Promote Healing After Gum Surgery

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Gum surgery is commonly performed to address issues such as periodontal disease or gum recession. Perhaps you’re planning to have a gingival, or gum, graft to replace the support and protection some of your teeth might have lost.

Gum surgery is usually a very routine and uncomplicated process. Even so, how can you recover from your procedure quickly?

1. Get plenty of rest.

As with any other part of your body, your gums will heal the best when they are given plenty of rest. Carefully follow your dentist’s instructions on when and what to eat so that you don’t disturb the surgical site.

Avoid strenuous exercise for a little while and try to keep your head slightly elevated when you rest. Doing this is especially important after having more involved procedures like wisdom tooth extractions. You don’t want to stress the wound by increasing blood pressure at the site.

2. Take in lots of vitamin C.

It’s not just good for colds! This vitamin boosts your immune system and plays a direct role in helping gums to heal. Try a natural source like orange juice or take a supplement with a meal.

3. Avoid smoking.

Smoking is generally harmful to oral health. It can especially slow down the healing process, however, while you recover from gum surgery. Smoking prevents healthy blood circulation. This limits the access your gums have to nutrients, oxygen, and immune agents that travel in your bloodstream. Even if you smoke and aren’t yet ready to quit, it’s advisable to follow your surgeon’s direction on smoking for a little while.

Make sure to contact your dentist for personalized post-surgical advice.

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