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4 Diseases Linked with Periodontitis

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If you didn’t think flossing was important – then it’s time to listen up. Gum disease can quickly develop if you don’t clean between your teeth or along your gums regularly. Yes, it can cause swollen gums, bleeding, and bad breath – but it’s also linked with serious health conditions.

Premature Labor

Premature birth (and low birth weight infants) is more likely in women with gum disease than women with healthy mouths. Not only that, but women trying to conceive may have to wait several months longer for a successful conception compared to women with healthy mouths. 

Cardiovascular Disease

Stroke, high blood pressure and heart attacks may be more likely when you have gum disease. In fact, the oral bacteria can sometimes dislodge and travel through infected gum tissues into your blood vessels. The body’s inflammatory response complicates the situation, especially when oral bacteria lodge inside of your cardiovascular system. 


Elevated bacteria inside of the mouth has a direct correlation with elevated blood glucose levels. In fact, treating your periodontal disease can help you improve your blood sugar levels by up to 3 months after each professional dental cleaning.


Did you know that people in hospitals and nursing homes who have gum disease are at a significantly increased risk of developing pneumonia? It’s believed that the oral bacteria are aspirated into the airway, causing them to harbor within the lungs. It also increases the risk of COPD. 

Managing your gum disease is one of the best ways to take proactive steps toward living a healthier lifestyle. If you have questions about how to erase gum disease from your smile – call your dentist today.

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