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Diabetes is a serious matter. If you’ve struggled with it for years, then you’re probably aware that it can lead to many other problems.

What you may not have heard before is that diabetes is closely connected to another issue: gum disease. And this problem is usually a silent one.

Diabetes will present symptoms that you just cannot ignore. Periodontal, or gum, disease can cause a lot of damage before you’re even aware of it.

Why Gum Disease is a Big Deal

Gum disease starts when your gums become inflamed from the presence of plaque bacteria. If the plaque is not removed, the inflammation can move into the ligaments and bone that support your teeth. If not treated at this stage, the gum disease can cause teeth to loosen and fall out.

The Mouth-Body Connection

As you may know, diabetes makes you more prone to infections. Gum disease is no exception. Your gums are going to be especially sensitive to the presence of bacteria. Their ability to fight the bacteria is lowered.

Research indicates that the problem is a two-way one. Periodontal disease (advanced gum disease) can raise blood sugar levels. If your diabetes is not under control, you are at even greater risk for oral disease.

Diabetes? See Your Dentist!

If you are currently battling a systemic problem like diabetes, then you can’t afford to neglect your dental health. Keep regular checkup appointments at your local dental office. X-rays, examinations, and professional cleanings will help you lower your risk for dental problems even if other health issues raise your risk. Contact your dentist for more information.

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