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Diabetes and Gum Disease

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Diabetics may be more prone to losing their teeth to gum disease, and the severity of their gum disease may be interfering with their ability to control their blood sugar levels. Controlling the symptoms of gum disease is an important step to help diabetics live healthier and keeping their smiles longer.

When blood sugar levels rise, it places a strain on the immune system and makes it more difficult to battle bacterial infections like gingivitis and gum disease. When active bacteria are in the mouth due to periodontal disease conditions, the immune response may be poor due to the body’s inability to fight off infection, allowing bacteria to continue to grow and then enter into the bloodstream. This complicates insulin levels and can cause blood sugar to spike. Ultimately, diabetics are more likely to suffer from more severe forms of gum disease and bone loss leading to the loss of teeth if their diabetes is uncontrolled.

Gaining control back over the oral bacteria levels will allow diabetics to better manage their blood sugar. This control begins at home with daily brushing and effective flossing under the gumlines. Professional dental cleanings will remove remaining bacteria deep below the gums that have not been removed. Over time, rigorous oral hygiene will allow gum tissue inflammation to reverse, preventing bacteria from entering into the bloodstream and thus reducing the strain on the immune system.

Have you found that your blood sugar levels have been irregularly high? Do you have symptoms of gum disease such as bleeding gums, bad breath, and gum recession? If so, it’s time to schedule a dental check-up right away!

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