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Is Gum Surgery Necessary to Save My Teeth?

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Do you have moderate to severe gum disease (periodontal disease)? If you do, you may be worried that gum surgery is the only way for you to save your smile. In some situations, yes. But there are also now many other options that can help you keep your teeth, when steps are taken quickly.

Deep Cleanings

Periodontal scaling and root planing, also known as “deep cleanings,” are the first step in erasing gum disease and saving your smile. These cleanings focus on the deep pockets and root surfaces of periodontally compromised teeth.

Locally Placed Antibiotics

Locally delivered antibiotic capsules can improve area-specific infections, like severely infected gums. The medication is usually placed after a deep cleaning and dramatically improves the response rate in most treatments.

Bone and Tissue Grafting

Adding support around your tooth can help you keep it stable. Some of the best ways to do that are adding bone or gum tissue around your tooth, so that the tooth can be better secured. Grafting can be done using several different methods – some of which require no surgery at all.

Laser Treatments

Non-surgical laser periodontal therapy is quickly becoming one of the most efficient and successful ways for dentists to treat gum disease. Dental lasers remove diseased tissues, eliminate bacteria, and aid your healthy gum tissues in reattaching to the clean tooth surface.

Traditional Surgery

When no other options are available, traditional periodontal surgery may be the final step to preserving your natural teeth. However, this method is used far less frequently than it has in years past. And if you do need it, your dentist will ensure optimal comfort throughout the entire procedure.

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