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LANAP Periodontal Therapy: What is it?

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In the past, patients with advanced gum disease faced only one option: surgery. If a deep cleaning or rehabilitative treatments in the family dental office didn’t work, it would mean seeing a periodontal specialist for a flap procedure. As intimidating as this seems, it was usually the only choice left if someone wanted to save their natural teeth.

Thankfully, LANAP is changing that. The laser periodontal treatment can help patients with gum disease in just a couple of visits to their dentist’s office.

After a deep cleaning, LANAP eliminates any residual bacteria along the tooth surface as well as the outer layers of soft tissues that are adjacent to the tooth. It also creates a new connection between the gums and sterile tooth root, allowing reattachment to take place. Consequently, most LANAP patients see drastic improvements in their gum treatment and are able to avoid having surgeries later on.

LANAP is a fairly straightforward process, although it can take a bit of time due to the number of sites requiring treatment. A thin laser is placed into the gum pocket along the tooth, and the tip treats a specific area. Gradually, it is walked around the entire pocket until the entire circumference of the tooth has been addressed. Your dentist may want to break your visit up into two or 4 visits, depending on how much of your mouth is impacted by the disease.

Most LANAP patients see a significant improvement in their gum pockets after the laser treatment. Be sure to follow your home care instructions carefully, as they impact the successful healing of your surgical site.

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