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What Makes a Periodontist Different from a Regular Dentist?

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Did you know that there are more than six to seven kinds of dentist? That’s right – there are dentists who focus on restoring teeth and others who focus on other structures in the mouth.

A periodontist is a dental specialist who specializes on everything below the gum line. He or she has several more years of education beyond basic dental school and uses their advanced training to make sure your teeth have a healthy foundation.

What Periodontists Do

Periodontists treat gum disease and provide therapy to gum and bone tissue in the jaw. They place implants and restore the smile by grafting new gum tissues on top of tooth roots.

Periodontists don’t treat teeth by placing fillings or crowns or performing root canals. Their focus is mainly on oral structures that you may otherwise take for granted.

When to See a Periodontist

If you have a specific concern about your gums or are curious about implants, then you should plan a visit with a periodontist. In general, however, you end up meeting a periodontist if your regular dentist refers you to one.

Visit Your Dentist to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Your gums and teeth are both extremely important to your smile’s health and beauty. Visiting your dentist at least once every six months will help you stay on top of your oral health. These maintenance appointments include exams, cleanings, and possibly x-rays that will help you avoid problems in the first place.

If you need specialized help in getting a gum infection under control or regenerating healthy gum tissue, then your dentist can refer you out.

Contact your dentist today to schedule a gum health checkup and find out whether or not you should see a periodontist.

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