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Oraqix: A New Way to Ensure Comfort

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Anesthetic agents in the dental office have broadened to include not-so traditional products that can easily be used during simple visits such as cleaning appointments or periodontal therapy treatments to keep patients comfortable. Of of these newer products is Oraqix. Oraqix is a gel solution made up of similar ingredients as those in a local anesthetic agent (one that requires an injection for anesthesia purposes). However, Oraqix is different because it requires uses a device with an irrigation tip to deliver the thick gel along the gumlines and just below the gums. This allows the gum tissue to feel numb without the use of an injection, something that pleases most patients. It is easy to place and takes effect very rapidly, offering patient comfort in areas that are hypersensitive or tender during necessary care.

Patients love Oraqix because it doesn’t require an injection, and they are not left with a numb mouth for several hours after their appointment. Actually, the numbness from Oraqix typically wears off completely within 30-60 minutes! Both hygienists and dental assistants can administer Oraqix, so it is benefitial to patients that need relief during routine therapies without waiting on the dentist to anesthetize the patient with traditional injections. Results from Oraqix use range from the entire mouth feeling completely numb, to very mild numbness.

During your next cleaning or periodontal therapy appointment, feel free to ask your hygienist about Oraqix. The rapid-action gel can provide instant relief in areas that you battle sensitivity or sore gums without needing to endure the inconvenience of traditional local anesthetics. Using Oraqix can make your routine appointment much more comfortable and quicker than what you are used to.

Posted on the behalf of Springhill Dental Health Center


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