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The Deadly Truth About Gum Disease

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Gum disease isn’t just something that dentists use as a marketing ploy to convince you to come in and get your teeth cleaned – it’s a serious condition that can destroy your smile as well as affect your overall health.

Active Gum Disease Can Impact the Rest of Your Body

When gum disease is present, it affects the way your immune system responds to other condition. It also allows bacteria to travel through your mouth into your cardiovascular system, lodging in areas like your heart, brain, and blood vessels. Studies show that active gum disease can cause premature labor, increased rates of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and even erectile dysfunction.  

Unmanaged Periodontal Disease Causes You to Lose Your Teeth

As tissues around the tooth become destroyed by the disease process, supporting gum and bone structures recede and resorb, causing the tooth stability to become compromised. Gradually, the tooth becomes loose and will even fall out if treatment isn’t accessed quickly.  

It’s Not a Quick Fix

Unfortunately it takes a lot of dedication and professional therapy to eliminate or reverse gum disease. Your dentist will begin therapy with a series of deep cleanings to remove disease-causing bacteria. If severe disease is present, some medication may be needed as well as gum grafting to add stability to the area. Home care that includes dedicated flossing is a daily priority to prevent bacteria from building back up and contributing to the condition. People that use tobacco products like cigarettes may not see progress at all, so a tobacco cessation program may also be needed.

Are you experiencing symptoms of gum disease like bleeding gums, swelling, or visible tartar buildup? It’s time to see your dentist today!

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