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Three Causes of Gum Recession

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Gum recession can cause tooth sensitivity and esthetic concerns. As gums recede, they also jeopardize the health of your mouth. If there isn’t enough healthy tissue and bone around your tooth, it can become mobile and even fall out. Knowing how to prevent and halt gum recession is important.

Gum disease

Periodontal disease causes gum tissue to detach from the teeth, as well as bone loss. As a side effect, gum tissue often creeps down the root of the tooth, leaving it exposed. People with gum disease typically begin experiencing symptoms of food packing, bleeding, and tenderness. 

Tobacco use

Smokeless tobacco use can cause aggressive gum recession in areas where the tobacco is held in the mouth. Even with moving the tobacco from place to place, the gums can experience recession. Cigarette use can cause other symptoms of gum disease to go unnoticed until recession begins to occur. 

Aggressive toothbrushing

Have you been told to brush with a soft toothbrush? That’s because using a medium or hard bristled brush can actually damage your gum tissue. Even scrubbing too hard with a soft brush can create irreversible enamel abrasion as well as gum recession. Stick with a gentle brush and apply only a light amount of pressure, making short strokes on one or two teeth at a time.

Since gum recession is irreversible, some people may find themselves in need of having a gum graft. Grafting helps to re-cover severe areas of recession. Smaller areas may have tooth colored bonding placed instead. If you’ve noticed recession, no matter how small, it’s time to see your dentist!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Virginia Kirkland, North Point Periodontics


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