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Biolase Laser Dentistry

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What if the power of lasers and the gentleness of water could be combined to provide an effective new way at treating dental patients? Biolase is just that! Each Biolase laser combines the two together as a way to gently prepare teeth for restorations like fillings without the use of electronic drills.

Anxiety is a real problem for dental patients. By eliminating the need for high-pitched drills, Biolase helps patients relax during their treatment. The laser is so gentle, that many patients feel as if nothing is going on at all. Quietly and quickly, dentists that use Biolase are able to hep their patients feel comfortable without sacrificing the quality of their care.

Dentists are also able to provide very precise tooth adjustments with the thin laser tip. In fact, laser dentistry treatment is more accurate than using traditional equipment, and it takes less time to complete. Short appointments are something that everyone appreciates!

Depending on what type of treatment you need, Biolase lasers may be an option. It can be used for laser periodontal therapy or even for adjusting the contour of the gumlines. With so many options for it’s use, more dentists are using Biolase as a way to improve their patient care.

If the thought of “drilling and filling” keeps you away from the dentist, it’s important to know that times have changed. The next time you sit down with your dentist to discuss treatment your smile needs, ask about Biolase lasers. Your dental care provider will let you know how they can be used for your specific oral health concerns.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Virginia Kirkland, North Point Periodontics


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