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Drill Free Laser Fillings

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Is it possible to have a filling done without your dentist ever needing a drill – or even a shot? Yes!

Thanks to the advancements in laser technology, some types of dental fillings can now be done with the use of drill-free equipment. The process is very comfortable and ideal for both adults and children with small areas of tooth decay.

Lasers are most effective for treating cavities in their earliest stages. They take a bit longer to prepare the tooth than using a drill, so the size of the cavity plays a role in determining whether or not the laser is appropriate. Early diagnosis makes it possible to catch the decay sooner rather than later, which equates to a much smaller restoration. The key is to schedule regular check-ups with digital x-rays to identify cavities in their very beginning stages.

Smaller fillings mean that your dentist can limit the amount of tooth preparation necessary during the process. That’s why laser fillings are usually much less-invasive than a traditional metal restoration. After the cavity is removed, a small, white filling is placed within the prepared space. Your dentist will match the material so that it blends in with your tooth.

With many types of lasers on the market, more and more dentists are beginning to implement them into their private practice. Not only can lasers be used for fillings, but other types are useful for procedures like gingival recontouring, treating cold sores, tongue ties, and even to manage periodontal disease.

Find out if a laser filling is the best way for you or your child to enjoy a comfortable, shot-free, drill-free dental appointment!

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