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Laser Therapy for Gum Disease

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Combating gum disease is an important step to living a healthy life and having a healthy smile. After all, gum disease can cause tooth loss and make it more difficult to fight off other types of health conditions. In the past, most periodontal therapies involved a deep cleaning and if that wasn’t successful enough, surgical therapy. Now there is a minimally invasive, more proactive way to treat gum disease: soft tissue laser therapy.

Utilizing soft tissue lasers during deep cleanings allows active bacteria and diseased tissues to be eliminated during the procedure. First, calcified tartar is removed from the teeth, along with loose debris that is tucked under the margin of the gum tissue. Then the laser is applied to the pocket area so that the tissue that lines the pocket can be treated, along with the detached tissues near the bottom of the pocket. During this procedure, active bacteria that are loose within the pocket are also eliminated.

The laser is gentle enough to use on your gum tissues without causing any significant discomfort. In fact, it actually speeds up the healing process. After the infected tissues have been treated and the pocket is sterilized, the gums are much more likely to reattach to the root surface of the tooth. It’s more successful than any other type of non-invasive or minimally invasive therapy when it comes to battling gum disease. Many patients are able to prevent the need for surgeries later on, and reverse their periodontal condition altogether.

Experience effective gum therapy and have a healthy smile again. Ask your dentist about soft tissue laser therapy and save your teeth before it’s too late!

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