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Treating Cold Sores and Ulcers with a Laser

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Cold sores don’t have to get in the way of your active, busy lifestyle. What used to take 10-14 days for your cold sore to heal can now be done in just a few days, thanks to soft tissue laser therapy. With a quick, soft tissue laser treatment, your cold sore can be instantly reversed and sped right into the recovery phase of the outbreak.

Soft tissue laser therapy uses an in-office laser that is applied to the cold sore lesion for just a few seconds. This treatment halts the cold sore outbreak so that the sore will be smaller and the course of the outbreak is greatly reduced. Rather than waiting for days for the cold sore to continue growing before, the outbreak is halted so that the only thing that needs to happen is for the non-active sore to completely heal.

A quick visit into the dental office is all that is needed. The entire treatment takes no longer than a minute to complete, so it can be added onto literally any dental appointment that you have – or just call your dentist to see if you can stop by when they have time available that day.

How soon can soft tissue laser treatment be used on a cold sore? As soon as you begin feeling a cold sore developing! Don’t wait for it to pop up and become unsightly, waiting a week or more before it isn’t visible. Instead, call your dentist as soon as you feel it so that you can catch it as early as possible. The comfortable, quick laser treatment will give you a reason to no longer fear having to hide behind a cold sore ever again.

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