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Ulcer Relief and Laser Treatment

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Ulcers can flare up when you least expect them, and stay on your mind until they’re gone completely. Sometimes ulcers flare up due to irritation, foods, or even stress. Even the slip of a toothbrush can create enough tissue irritation to cause an ulcer to flare up. One can try to tough out the discomfort, or find ways to relieve it until healing has taken place.

An effective at-home remedy many dentists recommend is “miracle mouthwash.” This is a mouthwash that is made using some common medicines that help to numb the tissues and provide pain relief so that you can get on your way throughout the rest of the day. To make the rinse, take one part liquid antihistamine and mix it with one part milk of magnesia, then apply it to the ulcer with a cotton swab or by rinsing and gargling. Be sure not to swallow it and spit out any residue of the rinse. This will provide temporary but effective relief.

In-office laser therapy provides instant relief and dramatically reduces healing time. Just a few seconds under a dental laser and oral ulcers are treated so that symptoms are no longer present. For patients that experience chronic ulcers, dental laser therapy is a must! A short appointment or using the laser during another procedure will provide instant relief.

If your ulcer persists for more than 2 weeks, be sure to see your dentist. Most sores like ulcers will heal within 7-14 days. Prolonged symptoms or sores that do not heal could indicate other health problems that have gone undiagnosed.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Joyce Ma, Prime Dental Care


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