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Uses for Lasers in Dentistry

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Dental lasers are making dental care more efficient, more effective, and even more comfortable than ever. The types of lasers vary from one design to the next, with some used solely for hard tissues like teeth, while others are for soft tissues such as the gums. Here are some of the ways dentists are using lasers to improve your smile and your oral care experience:

Drill Free Fillings

Imaging being able to have a cavity removed and your tooth filled without ever hearing or feeling a drill. It’s a reality! Some types of dental lasers allow tooth alteration and preparation for purposes like fillings or bonding. 

Perio Therapy

Managing gum disease used to mean surgery for some patients. Now, lasers can be used in conjunction with deep cleaning appointments to create a sterile environment around the tooth, destroy bacteria, and aid in tissue reattachment. Patients that elect to have laser perio therapy often experience greater results from their treatment. 

Gingival Contouring

If gummy smiles or excessive gum tissues make your teeth look shorter or uneven, laser recontouring only takes a few seconds to complete. Recontouring will reshape the gum tissues around the tooth, making it appear even with just the right amount of tooth exposure. 

Cold Sore Treatments

Are you a person who frequently battles aphthous ulcers or cold sores? If you feel a sore popping up, a quick trip to the dentist could prevent it from flaring up altogether. Lasers quickly destroy the bacteria in these wounds and speed up recovery time, so that you don’t have to wait a week or longer for it to go away on its own.

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