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Summertime Sports and Mouth Guards

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Great weather and sunny days mean lots of recreational sports in just about every American community. Summer is also a time when more dental accidents happen due to accidental trauma than any other time of the year. Do you see a correlation? Although mouth guards are required in most school, professional, and collegiate leagues, they aren’t typically used in recreational sports.

Professional custom athletic mouthguards are more effective than over the counter guards, because they are customized to snuggly fit around the teeth and stay in place, no matter what happens. Other guards are “one size fits most” and fall out as soon as something happens, if they aren’t taken out sooner due to the difficulty athletes have trying to wear them when they talk or drink water. A custom made guard is one that is made using an impression of the teeth, so that it doesn’t come out unless you want it to.

Not only do custom-made sport guards protect the teeth, they are also shown to greatly reduce the risk of experiencing a concussion. The same is not true for over the counter guards. Only custom, professional guards have what it takes to offer this level of protection. A professional guard is made of thick, smooth acrylic that rests comfortably next to other tissues like the lips and cheeks without irritating them. Most dentists also offer customized colors and designs, allowing athletes to be creative or have a guard that matches their team colors.

You only get one smile; why not protect it? A customized mouth sports guard is one of the best pieces of smile insurance that money can buy.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David Janash, Park South Dentistry


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