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4 Ways to Lower Your Risk for Oral Cancer

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Oral cancer is scary. It’s nothing trivial, that’s for sure! It tends to be overlooked as something not very serious. It’s also dangerous for the fact that it can sneak up and become a big problem before you’re even aware of it.

Putting the following five points into practice will help you to lower your risk for oral cancer.

  1. Wear SPF on Your Lips

The skin on your lips is different from that inside your mouth. Skin cancer can develop differently there. But even the outside of your lips is very close to inside your mouth. Keeping your lips healthy and protected with SPF lipbalm will spare the rest of your mouth some potentially serious complications.

  1. Say “No” to Tobacco and Alcohol

Drugs such as chewing tobacco and excessive alcohol irritate the sensitive tissues in the mouth. Cutting them out altogether is the single best way to lower your risk for developing cancer.

  1. Switch Up the Location

If you feel that you aren’t yet ready to quit the chew or snuff, then at least try to move it around. These substances trigger unnatural changes in the sensitive cells of their surroundings. The longer the cells are exposed to the chemicals, the more they will change.

  1. Get Regular Examinations

Early detection is the best cure for almost any cancer. Oral cancer can be absolutely devastating, if not treated as soon as possible. Doing a self-exam on a regular basis will keep you alert to changes in your own mouth. Visit your dentist for regular examinations to make sure you get a thorough checkup and cancers screening twice a year.

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