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A Second Opinion on Oral Cancer

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Oral cancer is more common than most Americans realize. This type of cancer is one of the easiest to treat, but it’s also easy to miss. If you wait too long to take action, it can cause serious problems. The most effective way to treat oral cancer is to diagnose it as early as possible.

What if your dentist identifies a suspicious spot in your mouth at your next dental checkup?

It’s important that you don’t wait too long before taking action. But it’s okay to ask around before settling on a treatment course.

Why Get a Second Opinion?

Patients often seek a second opinion because:

  • They cannot contact a cancer expert, so they ask another general practitioners
  • They want more options for treating the cancer
  • The diagnosis is such a rare and obscure condition that it requires the support of another opinion or two

It’s understandable that you’ll want extra emotional support at this time. That’s why you’ll probably find it helpful to talk with people you know who’ve dealt with cancer in the past. Or you might feel better talking with your trusted primary care physician for recommendations.

Getting the First Opinion

Start out by scheduling a routine checkout with your local dentist. A basic dental examination includes a careful oral cancer screening.

It’s also a good idea to be familiar with any unusual sores or spots that develop or show up in your own mouth. If you notice something strange, you can bring it to the attention of a dental expert. You’ll also learn from your dentist about what you can do to lower your risk for oral cancer. Call your dentist today to schedule.

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