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Is It Oral Cancer?

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Have you noticed any unusual developments involving the health of your mouth or throat? Perhaps you have noticed a sign such as these:

  • a sore that won’t heal
  • an unexplained discolored patch
  • difficulty swallowing

You may rightly be anxious – could this be cancer?

The first thing you should know is that if you notice anything at all that you know is out of place, then mention it to your dental care provider as soon as possible. You are at the best advantage to check your mouth each day for changes and abnormalities. In visiting the dentist regularly, you may experience an oral cancer screening. This screening is done by the dentist to check for any unusual patches on oral tissues, or for swollen areas in the lymph nodes indicating infection.

If something is detected which the dentist deems questionable, then he may order a biopsy for the site, just to be certain it isn’t cancerous. Oral cancer can be difficult to locate in its early stages, but the sooner it is found, the easier it is to treat.

Some dentists may even use a special light to detect the presence of cells that are starting to grow abnormally.

You should be familiar with a few factors that may predispose you to oral cancer:

  • excessive exposure to sunlight
  • tobacco and heavy alcohol use
  • any history with cancer

Worrying will not do you any good, but keeping in regular communication with your dental office is the best thing that you can do! Stay alert to any changes you may note, and freely question your dentist. Be proactive, be safe.

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