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Oral Cancer Screenings Could Save Your Life

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Even the healthiest of people can develop conditions like oral cancer. While oral cancer has been linked to risk factors like HPV, sun exposure, tobacco and alcohol, it is also found in people that do not have any of these risk factors at all. That’s why oral cancer screenings are such an important part of your regular preventive dental care.

Oral cancer and precancerous tissues often appear as lesions or spots in the mouth that do not go away or heal within 2 weeks. Areas of concern may look:

  • Red
  • White
  • Raw
  • Raised
  • Pitted
  • Have irregular borders
  • Do not match the tissue on the opposite side of the mouth

The most common areas for oral cancer to develop are on the sides of the tongue, in the floor of the mouth, and towards the back of the palate. However, oral cancer is also regularly seen on the lower lip and inside of the cheeks. Other types of oral cancers may not be visible, but only found through palpation of the soft tissues in and around the mouth, face, and neck.

During your regular exam, your dentist will check the tissues inside of your mouth to identify abnormal and precancerous tissues in their earliest stages. The earlier these tissues can be identified, the more effective (and less invasive) the treatment is. Your dentist may perform a small biopsy that is sent off for testing, see you for a follow up, or refer you to a specialist for an assessment. If you have noticed tissues inside of your mouth that don’t look quite right, it’s time to see your dentist immediately.

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