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Reducing Your Risk For Oral Cancer

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Oral cancer can happen to anyone, but the majority of cases are related to lifestyle choices.  By making some simple changes, you can reduce your chance of contracting this disease.

  • Tobacco Products: any people with oral cancer use some form of tobacco product.  Whether you smoke tobacco or chew it, it’s important for your oral health that you make the decision to quit.
  • Drinking Alcohol:  Moderation is very important when it comes to consuming alcohol, which is also linked to oral cancer.  Alcohol use is a common factor in nearly a third of all oral cancer diagnoses.  If you use tobacco and consume alcohol, your risk of oral cancer becomes 30 times more likely.
  • Oral HPV:  The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted virus that is quickly catching up to tobacco use as the most common cause of oral cancer.
  • Poor Diet Choices:  Many oral cancer diagnoses can be linked, at least in part, to poor food choices.  A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, vitamin C and calcium have shown a decreased risk of oral cancer.
  • Excessive Sun Exposure:  When applying sun protection, the lips are often overlooked; yet excessive, repeated sun exposure increases your risk of lip cancer.  Remember to apply lip protection when heading outside.

Oral Health

Making healthy lifestyle choices is the first step to reducing your risk of oral cancer.  You can also conduct monthly self exams at home.  With the aid of a small mirror, inspect your mouth thoroughly for concerning areas.  If you notice any lumps, sore spots or discolored red or white patches, call your dentist right away.  Visiting your dentist for regular oral cancer exams is one of the best ways to protect your smile’s future.

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