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ViziLite: How it Enhances Your Check-up

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A dental exam is important for checking your teeth and the surrounding tissues in your mouth.  A crucial part of the exam is the oral cancer screening.  If caught early, oral cancer can be one of the most curable diseases.  Are there any special tools that are used to screen for oral cancer to help with early detection?  The answer is yes.  It is called Vizilite Oral Cancer Screening.

How is ViziLite used?

ViziLite is tool used by a dental professional to evaluate the tissues in the mouth and to look for any suspicious areas that could be precancerous or cancerous cells.

  1. You will rinse with a solution to help abnormal cells to be visible when a special light is shined on the tissue
  2. Overhead lights are dimmed
  3. A low intensity light is then shined onto the tissues in the mouth to check for any abnormal cells that are visible

What are some benefits of using ViziLite?

  • The exam typically takes 2-5 minutes
  • It can help to detect oral cancer or abnormal tissue at an earlier stage, when it may not be visible to the naked eye in a standard oral cancer screening
  • A small light source is easily used so you can see more areas in the mouth
  • ViziLite is disposable, to help prevent cross-contamination between patients

ViziLite should especially be a part of your dental exam if you have habits that can cause oral cancer such as smoking or chewing tobacco.

Are you interested in Viizilite?  Talk to your dentist and ask if Vizilite is offered in addition to your standard checkup and dental cleaning appointment.

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