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What Are the Benefits of Oral Surgery?

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As with any other medically-necessary surgery, if you need oral surgery, it’s not an optional procedure. Still, you may be wondering if you’re better off delaying it.

What are some of the ways oral surgery could change your life for the better, if you do require it?

Snoring Treatment and Relief from Sleep Apnea

Oral surgery can involve tissues in the throat that are responsible for problems like snoring and sleep apnea. By removing excess tissue, oral surgery can help you to breathe easier when you sleep.

Freedom from TMJ Pain

Surgery tends to be a last-resort when it comes to treating TMJ disorder, but it could be the step that finally brings you relief.

Saving Your Teeth

An oral surgeon may be the one to perform your next tooth extraction. By removing diseased or impacted teeth, your remaining ones will have a healthier environment to thrive in.

A More Comfortable Bite

Surgery may be necessary in extreme cases of crooked teeth or jaws. Braces can align your teeth, but only surgery can even out the height of your jaw.

Treating Oral Cancer

You might be referred to a specialist like an oral surgeon for removing dangerous growths such as cysts, pre-cancerous tissue, and tumors.

Dental Implants

May dentists restore dental implants by putting crowns on them, but not all are able to place the implants themselves. You may need to see an oral surgeon for getting an implant, even though it’s not considered to be an invasive procedure.

Rebuilding Your Smile

Are you recovering from an injury or disease that left your smile permanently damaged? Oral surgery can help you look like yourself again.

To find out whether oral surgery is in your future, schedule a consultation with a local dentist.

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