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How to Prepare for Your Oral Surgery

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Whether it’s wisdom tooth extraction or dental implant placement, your oral surgery will be an important date on your calendar. Help your surgery be as successful as possible by planning well in advance. Good preparation can also ensure a quicker recovery.

The following tips will help you prepare for most upcoming surgical procedures.

Phone a Friend

Never plan to get yourself home from an oral surgery! Have a trusted friend or family member bring you home after your appointment.

Go Grocery Shopping

You may need to stay on a soft foods or liquids-only diet for a few days. Prepare beforehand by buying things like protein shakes, soups, pudding, yogurt, juices, and cottage cheese.

Pick Out an Outfit

Loose, comfortable clothing is best for any surgery. Don’t wear your nicest clothes or anything that’s too restricting. Layers are best.

Get Some Rest

Plenty of quality sleep can help you remain calm, rather than anxious, right before your appointment.

Watch What You Eat

You’ll receive specific instructions from your dentist on what you can eat before the procedure. If you’re going to be sedated with anesthesia, then it’s generally advised to avoid food and liquids for around eight hours beforehand. Make sure you get hydrated with plenty of water before you reach that cut-off point.

Say No to Smoking

You should refrain from having a cigarette for at least 12 hours before your surgery. The surgeon or dentist will also remind you to avoid smoking for at least a day after the procedure. Smoking cuts off circulation and can lead to healing complications.

Talk with your dentist or surgeon for more tips on preparing for a successful oral surgery.

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