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Are Six Month Smiles Safe?

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Six Month Smiles are a “fast” form of orthodontics that make your smile look straight in less than 6 months. The treatment moves rapidly and most people see results within just a month or two of the treatment. But is it safe? After all – most comprehensive orthodontics take a year or more before the treatment is completed.

Yes. Six Month Smiles is perfectly safe, and here’s why: this type of braces focuses only on straightening the front teeth inside of your mouth. Other types of braces adjust all of the teeth, no matter how far back they are. This means the treatment takes longer, and some tooth movement needs must wait on other teeth to be repositioned before they can be addressed.

During Six Month Smiles, the primary concern is aesthetics, so that is what is addressed first. Only the teeth in the front of your smile are adjusted. They may have gaps, be crowded, or simply be out of alignment. Six Month Smiles works to quickly reposition those teeth into the desirable location, regardless of how the back teeth are positioned. Since it is a specific type of teeth straightening, patients complete their treatment much more quickly than other orthodontic clients.

The treatment isn’t right for everyone. After all, some people do have severe misalignment issues of the jaws and back teeth that may need to be improved for oral health purposes. However, Six Month Smiles is perfect for people that have suffered from gradual tooth movement or specific aesthetic needs of their front teeth. Ask your dentist if Six Month Smiles is right for you or your older teen.

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