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Correcting Your Underbite

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An underbite is a dental condition in lower teeth overlapping the upper ones. It can appear as if the lower jaw is jetted out or overdeveloped.

What Causes An Underbite?

There are several possible causes for an underbite.  It may simply be a result of your genetics or an anomoly in the development of your jaw bone.

Should Your Underbite Be Treated?

Unfortunately, an underbite left untreated can have serious consequences.  You may experience jaw and joint pain in the TMJ. It can also cause difficulties with speaking, eating and breathing. If the teeth do not bite down correctly, it can lead to abnormal wear on your teeth and dental restorations.

Most important, it can affect your appearance and self-esteem.

Designing a Plan to Correct Your Underbite

There are several methods for treating and correcting an underbite, depending on your age.

  • Children may be fitted with a chin cap that controls the development process of the lower jaw.  This may be combined with a reverse-pull face mask, similar to orthodontic headgear.
  • An upper jaw expander may be considered for young patients.  This wire-frame orthodontics uses a turnkey to expand the upper jaw to match the width of the lower jaw.
  • Underbites are more difficult to correct in adults, whose jaws have already completely developed. Surgery to correct the situation is often recommended.

In mild cases of underbite, cosmetic dentistry may provide an easy alternative by reshaping the lower teeth and applying veneers to the upper teeth.  This creates an aesthetically pleasing, balanced smile.

Call your dentist or orthodontic provider today to schedule a consultation to discuss your underbite cocern. You might be surprised at how quickly it can be corrected!

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