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Do Adults Make Good Orthodontic Patients?

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If you’ve ever though to yourself, “I’m too old for orthodontics” then it’s time to think again! While it’s true that many people have their smiles corrected during their younger years, adults make excellent orthodontic patients as well.


Because Adults Are Committed to the Best Possible Outcome

Since most adults are paying for their own treatment, they value it more. As a result, they do what it takes to follow their dentist’s instructions, including the home care that it takes for their treatment to progress. Wearing your appliances regularly and properly ensure that your treatment can be completed in the shortest possible timeframe. 

More Cosmetic Straightening Options are Available

You don’t have to wear metal brackets and wires to have the straight smile that you’ve always wanted. Clear options are available, allowing you to keep the professional appearance that is important to you. From tooth colored brackets to clear alignment trays, there are more options than you have ever realized!

Adults Follow their Home Care Instructions

It’s difficult to get younger patients to clean around their orthodontic appliances well. Most teens are in a rush or simply don’t pay attention to the small details, like brushing around an orthodontic bracket. Adult patients often enjoy removable aligners that are easy to keep clean, allowing them to brush and floss as normally. If they are wearing fixed orthodontics, adults are much more dedicated to keeping their oral hygiene up to par.

With so many teeth straightening options, there’s something for everyone. Some types of cosmetic teeth straightening take only 6 months! Ask your dentist today about what type of adult orthodontic option is best for your smile.

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