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Does My Child Need Braces?

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As your child gets older, you’ve probably wondered whether or not they are going to need braces. Watching their primary teeth slowly loosen, fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth, the changing appearance may make it seem like their smile needs are more severe than they really are.

Dental professionals recommend having an orthodontic evaluation on all children by their 7th birthday. At this point they are beginning to lose several teeth, but some more complicated orthodontic concerns can be avoided. For instance, interceptive orthodontics like space maintainers or palatal expanders can prevent impacted permanent teeth that might require more extensive treatment if early intervention wasn’t used.

Some orthodontic problems may be more obvious to you as a parent, for example: if the child has a severe overbite, smaller jaw or crowding that they seemed to inherit from one of their parents. Other problems might be more difficult to notice, such as improper spacing, missing adult teeth, or developmental anomalies only visible on a radiograph.

Thankfully no matter how mild or severe your child’s bite needs may be, there’s an orthodontic method that can help correct those needs. Treatments may take only a few months to achieve or could span over several years. Getting early care can help avoid some of the complications that arise from missing, displaced or impacted teeth before extensive treatments are needed.

Your primary dentist or an orthodontic specialist can assess your child’s bite. If your child is already 7 years of age or you have concerns about how their teeth are biting together, ask for their quick, simple bite analysis during their next dental check-up.

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