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No More Gooey Bite Impressions

Posted in Orthodontics

For many people, going to the dentist or orthodontist is not a favorable activity. When it comes to having a bite impression made? Let’s just say that almost 100% of people are not a fan of the procedure. Luckily for almost everyone, cutting edge technology is making its latest appearance in dentistry. The Cadent IOC Scanner powered by utero is the latest in dental technology that offers benefits to dental patients, orthodontic patients, and those who are in charge of them.

The Cadent IOC Scanner uses parallel confocal imaging to digitally capture then contours of the teeth and gums through a scan in just minutes. This scanning procedure is saving people from having to spend hours at the dentist and making multiple visits for crowns and bridges to be formed, for orthodontic care to be planned out, and for making simple dental procedures much quicker.

The Cadent IOC Scanner does not use any form of radiation because it is not an X-ray. It provides a precise model of a person’s mouth and teeth – much more so than conventional, gooey impressions ever could. For patients with an over-active gag reflex, this is amazing news. No more sitting in a dental chair with goo feeling as though it’s slipping down the back of your throat. Now, patients can simply bite onto a Cadent IOC Scanner for a detailed look at the mouth.

Ask your dentist if his/her office has the latest technology available for you. Tell your dentist that you want the Cadent IOC Scanner for all “impressions” that are needed of your teeth. Not only will your dentist receive much more precise information, but you will not have to suffer through any more gooey bite impressions.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Marianna Weiner, Envy Smile Dental Spa

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