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3 Reasons Why Baby Teeth Are So Important

A lot of well-intentioned parents are unsure of why they should bother treating their child’s baby teeth. They’re going to fall out soon anyway, right?

Yes, baby teeth are temporary. But they can’t just fall out anytime. Parents have the responsibility to make sure that baby teeth are kept clean and healthy as long as they’re in the mouth.

  1. Baby Teeth Promote Healthy Function

If his or her teeth are missing, how can your son or daughter enjoy eating their favorite foods? Teeth are also essential to language development. Painful teeth can distract your child from important learning activities and fun times with friends.

Temporary though they may be, baby teeth are essential for kids to have a happy childhood.

  1. Baby Teeth Are Placeholders

Baby teeth aren’t replaced all at one time. It’s a gradual process. As one tooth is lost, another eventually moves in to fill in the empty space. When the first set of teeth is lost too early, the adult teeth will probably grow in crooked, tipping in whichever direction they please. It’s ideal to lose a baby tooth because an adult tooth is nudging it out rather than to lose it to tooth decay.

  1. Baby Teeth Help in Jaw Development

When kids lose their baby teeth too soon, the empty gaps can affect the way the rest of the jaw bones and muscles develop. This is a pretty big deal. Not only could the adult teeth need braces one day, but the child could have trouble speaking.

Worried about your child’s baby teeth? Your dentist will let you know everything you can possibly do to help.

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