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3 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Brush Their Own Teeth

Keeping your kids’ teeth clean can seem like an unending task! Add to this the fact that kids usually have little patience for oral hygiene, and you have a recipe for frustration on your hands.

All that hard work pays off when your child enjoys a healthy smile. The next step is training your kids so that they can carry on such healthy habits throughout the rest of their lives.

How should you begin teaching your kids how to brush their teeth?

  1. Let them choose their own products.

Every child is unique with individual preferences. As kids grow, they love to explore ways to express themselves. You can even use tooth brushing time as an opportunity for this. Make tooth brushing fun with products like:

  • Kid-friendly, fun-flavored toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes with pictures of favorite characters on them
  • Powered toothbrushes with lights, music, or timers
  1. Take it outside the bathroom – discuss tooth brushing at other times.

Tooth brushing can be a real pain to some kids. Don’t let your kids think it’s something that should be avoided. Use other opportunities to help your child build an appreciation for how brushing contributes to a healthy and happy smile. Check out your local library for helpful picture books on the subject. There are many online resources (like cartoons), as well.

  1. Teach through imitation.

Start practicing by having your child mimic your movements as you brush your own teeth with your own brush. Brush their teeth with their brush so that they know how it’s supposed to feel, then have them repeat the motion. With just a little practice, they’ll pick it up quickly!

Talk with your child’s dentist for more suggestions on improving your child’s oral hygiene.

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